Rosco and Pacman are both wild horses born free in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest. The foals were abandoned by the herd and nature can be unforgiving for horses in the wild. The young foals were not going to survive long on their own. When the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) learned of their suffering we took immediate action.

Rosco was abandoned at birth. Complex hierarchies can lead to abandoned newborns and he was unlucky. SRWHMG volunteers waited expectantly for the herd’s return, but when it became clear Rosco was left behind he was rescued and provided a surrogate mom. Rosco went through some challenges with his immune system, but thanks to the diligent care of volunteers working day and night, he pulled through. Today he is a happy 4-month-old foal who loves to run and play soccer.

Pacman was found by some hikers emaciated with numerous puncture wounds all over his legs and near death. They immediately called the SRWHMG in the hope he could still be saved and a rescue operation was underway. When the vet got a closer look at Pacman they discovered he also had pneumonia, an abdominal infection and a bone abscess. He was so septic they recommended euthanasia. Pacman did not agree. He pulled himself up, drank some milk and through sheer determination overcame his near death experience. He has continued to be a fighter and beaten every close call. Just 2 months and a lot of love and care later, and he is now a healthy 3-month-old foal who loves to give kisses to all the volunteers and is also a budding soccer player.

Pacman Rehabilitating

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Both Salt River wild horses will live out their lives at the SRWHMG facility, but they need sponsors to make sure they will have everything they need. With your help they will run to their heart’s desire on 15 acres with their surrogate mother and other wild horses on the sanctuary.

About the Author

Simone Netherlands is founder and President of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.