Most of us probably wish our horses could be a bigger part of our daily lives. Who wouldn’t love to bring their gelding along on errands, on weekend boating trips with the family, or even riding around in the car? For most of us, size is just one of the many prohibiting factors. But for Ronica Froese of Newaygo, Michigan, this scenario isn’t a dream, it’s reality.

As a registered therapy horse for Little Horses Big Smiles, an official mascot for the Mid-Michigan Honor Flight, and an occasional honorary puck-dropper for the Veteran’s Cup hockey tournament in Traverse City, Ronica’s miniature horse Charlie has a busy schedule. But that doesn’t stop him from being a full-time member of the Froese family.

Charlie is completely house-trained and loves to play with Ronica’s son and dog. And, be it on land or over water, he also loves to travel. Which begs the question, is there anything this little guy can’t do?

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