Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is taking a creative approach to the growing lines outside security areas this spring: they’re bringing in the miniature therapy horses from Seven Oaks Farms of Hamilton, OH to help calm the crowds.

Ask yourself: would you allow your inner travel-zilla to be placated by a tiny, adorable mini horse that you can actually pat and hug?



Well, yes. Yes you would. (Although we may be preaching to the converted on this one.)

Still, even if you’re not a dyed in the wool horse enthusiast, you’d probably still prefer miniature therapy horses to the bulk candy on offer at Denver International Airport. Honestly, that’s sweet, but a couple of Hershey’s Kisses isn’t going to improve my airport mania. I’m trying to catch a plane to Paris, not work on my trick-or-treating.

Even worse? The clowns (yes, CLOWNS) on loan from the Fern Street Circus who have been hired to cheer all the folks over at San Diego International Airport. Because if there’s one thing that people with real flying anxiety don’t need to see in airports, it’s more clowns.

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