The love and light parade that is the Donald Trump campaign tour rolled into Kansas City, Missouri on March 12, where anti-Trump protester April Foster allegedly decided to fend off the police horses encroaching on her rally by slapping at one.

Police accuse Foster, an affiliate of the group, Progressive Youth Organization, of first screaming at and then striking a police horse named Dan with an open hand. Foster disappeared shortly before police released pepper spray into the crowd, but was apprehended on Friday after a call was placed identifying her via the police tips hotline. Foster was charged with abuse of a police service animal and released on $500 bond. She will appear back in court in early May.

Though it’s unclear from the video whether Foster slaps the horse or tries to push him away (you can judge for yourself below), political pundits have been quick to spin the incident to their advantage, and so did PETA, because PETA. Police horse Dan, for his part, was unharmed, but would like to remind everyone that he is firmly apolitical and respectfully asks that both sides please chill the &!*% out.