Just in case you needed a reminder how brilliantly athletic the riders and horses competing at eventing’s top levels truly are, Buck Davidson and Park Trader offered a dramatic illustration over the weekend at the Carolina International CIC***. The 14-year-old Irish Thoroughbred gelding grazed the log fence with his front legs on approach to the first water complex, which is harrowing enough in its own right. Luckily, “Kobe” kept his feet and barely missed a stride, but the same could not be said for Buck.

Eventing Connect was right there for the whole thing and recorded one of the more incredible saves you’ll ever see.

Daaammnnn, that was wild. Tip of the cap to Buck for avoiding an almost certain cross-country baptism, and a standing ovation to “Kobe” for galloping on through the lake while wearing his teammate like a fashion accessory. Good boy.

The seasoned pros they are, the pair regathered and circled back around to complete the jump and although this mishap cost them any chance at a good time, they finished the course in proper fashion.

The CIC*** ultimately belonged to Allison Springer and Arthur, who rode their tidy 43.40 dressage test and clean stadium round to victory.

The CIC** belonged to Will Faudree, who in his first major event since neck surgery last fall, won the division with Caeleste and finished 3rd aboard Hans Dampf.

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