Barry Hook is a carriage driver and horse trainer who happens to look a little bit like Santa Claus.

Just another Santa-esque carriage fellow, you say?

Not even close. What makes Hook such a standout horseman is two-fold: first, he specializes in retraining “problem” horses and gives them the education and confidence needed to enjoy healthy and happy careers. Second, he films his exploits and shares them with the world.

Here’s a fine example of Hook’s expertise…

Sandwiching a mare in season between a couple of healthy colts and hittin’ the road sounds like a recipe for disaster, but as Hook demonstrates, there’s no scenario proper training cannot overcome.

Hook’s use of rubber bits is also worth noting, as many people would never even attempt to handle a young stallion without some rigid reinforcement. As Hook notes, “Nothin’ wrong with a rubber bit if the horses are broke properly and the person on the reins can drive.”

For much more English Enlightenment, check out Hook’s youtube channel and website.