Equestrian Vine star Michael Renker channels the weird horse girl in all of us in six seconds or fewer with this ongoing series. Because it’s hard out there for a middle schooler obsessed with horses. Like, really hard. OMG, YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND. (Okay, maybe you do.)

1. When your politics were decided by one thing and one thing alone.

2. Same with your historical interests.

3. And, well, everything else.

4. Naturally, that meant it was your job to educate your non-horse friends.

5. When you were mentally preparing for a big schooling show.

6. How your family just didn’t get it. At all.

7. So sometimes you got a little defensive about it.

8. Okay, a lot defensive.

9. How four little words could instantly make someone your new BFF.

10. Or natural enemy.

11. And sometimes that spilled over into middle school too.

12. When indifferent acceptance was enough to set your heart on fire.

13. But not quite as much as your horse t-shirt.

14. And how as you got older, you could hide your horse crazy a little better. But not by much.