If history has taught us anything, it’s that the world’s next great dance-off is just around the corner.

First there was the alleged Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake post-break-up dance-off of 2002, which was never caught on tape but will nonetheless live on for all eternity in our collective imaginations. And it was epic.


(via jaunted.com)

Then, some time later, a young Justin Bieber and his lollipop men took on Shaq. We can’t remember why, exactly, but it was probably important too:


Which brings us to this:


(via youtube.com/Nancy Nagle)


Now we know what you’re thinking. This isn’t a real dance off. How could it be? Horses and cows can’t dance. And who’s that playing the music—is that DJ McPiggles on the ones and twos? Man he’s on FIRE tonight, and it smells like bacon…

But just bear with us for a moment.

When this cow’s pasture mate was taken away, the farmer introduced him to a new equine “friend”, who may have been but was probably not of his choosing. And as we all hoped, the two kick things off in the best way possible: with their own equivalent of the barnyard dance-off. Only instead of dancing, there’s lots of charging, rearing, and (we can only assume) chewing of cud. Thankfully, a passing neighbor was there to catch the whole thing on film. Enjoy.

(youtube.com/Nancy Nagel)