If you’re ever hired or volunteer (God bless you) for horse show jump crew duty, there are certain things you should know in advance.

1. Jump crew days start early. Very early.

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2. Because of this, you’ll spend the next 12 hours in a constant state of hangriness.

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3. But the only thing to eat will be fried food and Gatorade (you’ll consume both with gusto).

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4. It’s sunny, so you think maybe you’ll get to work on your tan.

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 5. But 150-pound standards don’t move by themselves.

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(via store.premierequestrian.com)

6. Except when they do.

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7. At least you’ll get in a good day’s workout.

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 8. Even if raking the track feels pointless.

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9. You’re even starting to fancy yourself a bit of an equitation expert.


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10. Unfortunately, this morning’s entries aren’t jumping very well.

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11. It’s almost like they’re doing it on purpose.

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12. You can’t get ahead of it, and suddenly, you start to have summer camp flashbacks.


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13. At 400 hunter trips in, you’re questioning your decision to take this on.

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14. By 600, you’ve started to question everything.


15. You have only one hope left in this life…

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(via flickr.com/Reinis Traidas)


16. That, and the fact that there’s a liverpool in the afternoon jumper classes. (  )

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