In July of last year, we were introduced to “Satan” the pony, Kentucky’s resident bad seed palomino who inadvertently burst onto the international stage when his owner, Jessica Lynn, wrote a hilarious Craiglist add about him, in which she promised, among other things, to, “Sell on a NO buy back contract!” and offered a free bottle of tequila with purchase.

Strangely enough, this technique worked like a charm, and Satan’s endlessly patient new owner, trainer Olivia Dixon of Salvisa, Kentucky, has been kind enough to keep his adoring public informed by establishing a Facebook page and Instagram account (@Pony_Known_As_Satan) in his honor. Over the last year, the page’s more than 35,000 (!) followers are still tuning in to chart his progress. Here are 9 things we’ve learned about Satan so far this year:

1. Satan looks amazing in pink.

He should probably wear pink all the time.


2. He is very brave when it comes to spooky objects…

“As long as they are not attached to people,” Dixon says.


3. Satan has another beautiful palomino friend named Caroline.

They pretty much look like unicorns when they hang out.


4. Olivia and Satan occasionally make TV cameos.

Satan is only sort of into the limelight.


5. As an intro to being saddled, Satan gets to practice with a tiny, non-threatening model.

He is A-okay with this plan.


6. If his career as a riding pony doesn’t work out, Satan can absolutely work for Hallmark as a Christmas card model.

“Wishing you a holiday season filled with happiness and joy. Love, Satan”


7. Never mind, he’s already on it.

(Satan is also an entrepreneur.)


8. He is improving steadily, and has even had some recent work done on his feet.

But only with a touch elephant’s worth of sedation, and Olivia picking up and handing his feet over to the farrier. (Which reminds us, have you hugged your farrier today?)


9. As of March, Satan is officially wearing grown-up tack, including a bridle!

Just goes to show what good horsemanship can do. We can’t wait to see what he’s up to next!