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Drama horse pretends to be dead to get out of working


Some people will go to great lengths to get out of work. Perhaps you are one of them. Perhaps you are supposed to be working right now but you “came down with some type of bug, or it might have been some bad shrimp” you say to your boss in a pained whisper that you rehearsed for an hour.

Horses are no different, of course, as we see here in this video from South Korea. Whenever he’s tacked up and asked to ride, he crumbles to the ground and plays dead…only to miraculously spring to life when he thinks the coast is clear. Coax him up with carrots? Oh, he’s figured out a plan for that, too. Quite the theatrical slack, this one. He’s like the Ferris Bueller of the racetrack.

Stay weird, South Korea youtube.

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