HN Reads!

Horses and books are two of life’s greatest pleasures. This is the book club where we combine the two.

Join us every month as host Gretchen Lida sits down with equestrian writers to talk riding and writing on a new episode of HN READS, presented by EquiShopper!


Episode 10: Santa’s Sweetheart & The Cowboy Who Saved Christmas

Saddle up for a cowboy Christmas with two romance legends. Janet Dailey’s long-time editor Alicia Condon and author Jodi Thomas join Gretchen Lida this month to discuss why horses and romance make perfect holiday magic.

Episode 9: Bolder, Braver, Brighter

Renowned equestrian coach Daniel Stewart and HN Reads host Gretchen Lida chat about Coach Daniel’s new book Bolder, Braver, Brighter and how to live your best life on horseback.

Episode 8: Horse Girls

Host Gretchen Lida, editor Halimah Marcus and two of the book’s essayists, Jane Smiley and Braudie Blais-Billie, investigate what it means to be a horse girl and to celebrate the launch of a new anthology of the same name.

Episode 7: Still Horse Crazy After All These Years

Join three-time Olympian and one of the best known eventing trainers in the world, Jim Wofford, as he discusses his new memoir.

Episode 6: Horse Girl

Carrie Seim’s Horse Girl has been dubbed Mean Girls meets Black Beauty, a funny and tender middle-grade novel about finding your forever herd. Tonight on HN Reads the comedy writer takes host Gretchen Lida behind the pages of her latest book for what’s sure to be a hilarious (and sometimes awkward) turn. Tune in at 7:30pm ET!

Episode 5: Ride Big

Ride Big author and high performance coach John Haime joins host Gretchen Lida to discuss his new book and what he calls the “crisis of confidence” in horse sport.

Episode 4: World Class Braiding—Manes & Tails

Professional grooms Cat Hill and Emma Ford take host Gretchen Lida behind the pages of their latest book, World Class Braiding—Manes & Tails.

Episode 3: Crossing the Line

Author and polo player Kareem Rosser talks about his awe-inspiring new memoir Crossing the Line: A Fearless Team of Brothers and the Sport That Changed Their Lives Forever.

Episode 2: J is for Justify

Host Gretchen Lida chats with author and illustrator Lesley A.J. Bauman about her racehorse inspired alphabet book, J is for Justify in this month’s episode of HN Reads.

Episode 1: Horse Crazy

She’s a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist, a New York Times reporter, and certifiably horse crazy. Tune in for an intimate Q&A with author Sarah Maslin Nir as she discusses her debut book, Horse Crazy, with host Gretchen Lida.


Episode 7: Distant Skies

Distant Skies author Melissa A. Priblo Chapman joins HN READS host Gretchen Lida for an intimate conversation on books, adventure and following your dreams—and the people you meet along the way.

Episode 6: It’s Been 20 Years Fergus (and you’re STILL spooking at that thing?)

Cartoonist Jean Abernethy and her beloved bay Fergus have been making us laugh for 20 years. Now they’re at it again with her latest title It’s Been 20 Years Fergus (and You’re Still Spooking at that Thing?) chronicling the antics of the Internet’s favorite gelding and his ragtag crew. Tune in at 7:30pm Wednesday to hear Abernethy’s thoughts on cartooning, horses and more.

Episode 5: Horse Brain, Human Brain

It’s the most buzzed about book of the year! Explore the inner workings of the equine mind and more with Horse Brain, Human Brain author Janet Jones, PhD, and host Gretchen Lida tonight at 7:00 pm. Questions encouraged!

Episode 4: Kept Animals

Kate Milliken’s debut novel, Kept Animals, has been dubbed “a darkly beautiful book, tender yet powerful, an exquisite exploration of hurt and desire, the why of wanting, taking and giving.” We’re calling it HN Read’s Book of the Month! Join us as host Gretchen Lida talks books, horses and more with author Kate Milliken.

Episode 3: Cowgirl Camryn

Children’s author, illustrator and HN literary hero, Abriana Johnson, of Cowgirl Camryn series fame shares her always entertaining and insightful thoughts on inspiration, being the change you want to see, and what she’s working on next. Plus a surprise guest reading!

Episode 2: Wild Horses of the Summer Sun & Many Brave Fools

Grab a cup of your favorite brew, put up your feet and soak in the conversation as host Gretchen Lida chats with authors Tory Bilski (Wild Horses of the Summer Sun) and Susan E. Conley (Many Brave Fools) about their misadventures in writing and riding.

Episode 1: Half Broke, The Age of the Horse & Learning to Fall

In the debut episode of HN READS, Horse Network arts and culture columnist Gretchen Lida speaks with authors Ginger Gaffney (Half Broke), Susanna Forrest (The Age of the Horse) and Anne Clermont (Learning to Fall) on their books, the pitfalls of writing about horses and the literary road ahead. Riveting conversation awaits!