‘Have a purebred Arabian, will travel’ could be the official slogan of the new €17 million international championship series showcasing the beauty, grace, and legacy of Arabian horses. 

Modeled after—and brought to you by—the same folks behind the Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) of show jumping, the Global Champions Arabian Tour (GCAT) will feature stops in seven countries on two continents around the world, not to mention the highest prize money on offer in Arabian horse competition. 

GCAT represents a milestone in the world of equestrian sports,” said Global Champions Founder & President Jan Tops. “The tour is designed to be inclusive, embracing a global audience through live events and digital content. This innovative approach ensures that the beauty of Arabian horsemanship is accessible to anyone, anywhere.”

Like its sister-tour in the LGCT, the GCAT will be held at state-of-the-art venues across Europe and the Middle East: from Doha (Qatar) and Abu Dhabi (Dubai) in February, to Muscat (Oman) in April, Cannes (France) in June, Valkenswaard (the Netherlands) in July, Rome (Italy) in September, and Paris (France) in December.

At each event, horses are divided into classes by gender and age group (male and female; yearlings, juniors, and seniors) with a winning horse and handler selected in each class. And just like the LGCT, points are awarded at each stop of the season to the top-10 horses and top-10 handlers, overall, culminating in the €500,000 Season Championship. Bonus money (€500,000) is also offered to any horse that wins every event of the season.

“We are shaping a new era and crafting a lasting legacy in Arabian horsemanship,” said GCAT Chairman Faleh Al-Nasr. “The Global Champions Arabians Tour is not just a series of events; it is a celebration of the timeless bond between humans and these majestic creatures. We aim to elevate Arabian horse shows to a different level, connecting people and cultures through a shared passion for these extraordinary animals.”