Do you have hay in your hair right now? 

Are you still wearing the three layers of horse slobber-covered clothing you fed in this morning, but are too cold to peel off? Do you currently have at least three calluses on your hands and dirt lines under your fingernails that just won’t budge? 

Then the 2024 Barn Babes Calendar wants YOU!

The Barn Babes Calendar is America’s leading showcase for the horse industry’s hardest-working men and women, toiling away under impossibly hard conditions—from long days in the heat and dust, to early mornings chipping ice out of water buckets. You do it all for minimum wage, fleeting respect, and no paid time-off for the occasional stomped foot, bitten shoulder, or rope burn (we love you, young horses!). 

At Barn Babes, we’re not looking for the perfectly waxed and manicured Ken & Barbie knock-off. We want to see those deep-furrowed worry lines from long nights sitting up with the colicky mare, soaking up the sun in the outdoor ring, and stressing that the shipper will show up on time. We think ‘man hands’ are sexy on all genders, and we’ve never seen a pair of rubber muck boots we don’t like. 

So maybe you’re shy. Maybe you feel underqualified or self-conscious. But keep in mind: We aren’t your average pin-up calendar. We don’t need cellulite-free derrieres or bulging biceps (not that you could see them under our Carhartts anyway). Our ideal body is whatever type of muscles can get 12 stalls cleaned before 10 a.m., with the mental stamina to turn out a barn-full of stir-crazy horses in the rain, sleet, and snow. 

Feeling curious? Some of our favorite shoots from years past include chaps-wearing ‘December Don,’ who showcased his zero-regrets, brought-to-you-by-sausage-egg-and-cheese-dad-bod while dragging the arena in seven minutes or less.

Then there’s our July 2023 cover girl, Amy, photographed while leading four saucy ponies to the paddock; or ‘March-Maddie,’ who unloads truckloads of shavings two bales at a time. 

To be frank, we know that in the real world, blow-outs don’t fit under riding helmets, actual tan lines start at the wrist and end at the elbow, and the only six packs worth caring about are the High Noons stashed in the tack room refrigerator. But if you’re a horse-savvy ‘babe’ that can do more than duck face in your skivvies, consider submitting your photos for our upcoming edition. 

After all, any bobo can pose on the front of a Ferrari. But you there—the one backing that fully-loaded gooseneck up with a line of traffic behind you—YOU’RE the barn babe of our dreams!