When you hear that a record-breaking winter storm is headed your way, in a region of the country well familiar with snow, stocking supplies and keeping the heat on are primary concerns.

Preventing a barn fire? Not so much.

But that’s just what happened on the frightening night of December 23 in the town Wilson, an hour north of Buffalo, New York. There, gale-force winds (clocked at above 70 mph at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport) downed power lines within striking distance of the homebase of JTP Equine Solutions at Karma Farm.   

That night, six therapy horses—Reba, Chex, Solace, Mae, Torch, and Fritz—were safely tucked away for the evening’s storm when the power lines suddenly arced, setting their barn ablaze. Thankfully, the farm’s trainer and property manager, risking their own lives, managed to save the horses from the fire. But the entire contents of the barn where they lived were destroyed, the events so dramatic that a video of the fire in the storm made national news.  

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer crew. Reba, Chex, Solace, Mae, Torch, and Fritz are therapy horses that work with disabled children and veterans suffering from PTSD. The horses have been transported from their farm to temporary shelter at another facility, but JTP Equine Solutions is still in need of support to help replace the barn and food and supplies required for the horses in their program. 

According their GoFundMe page, funds raised will be used for new stall mats, water buckets, bedding, and barn tools; and to provide replacement medications, blankets, halters, leads, saddles, and grooming supplies. A supply of winter hay is also required, as all the farm’s bales were damaged by smoke and are no longer palatable. The funds will also help to cover the horses’ board and transportation expenses while their new home is built. 

If you’d like to make a contribution to assist Reba, Chex, Solace, Mae, Torch, and Fritz, you can donate here