“Her heaving bosom rose and fell in time with the pounding of her horse’s hooves.”

That’s a great sentence to read in a romance novel. It’s not so great at the bottom of your dressage test.

Finding a bra that keeps you strapped in securely without losing the mobility of your arms, back and lungs is the endless plight of horsewomen everywhere.


Dubbed the “ultimate performance bra,” SHEFIT’s patented zip, cinch, lift technology delivers the adjustable fit and support—for every body type— and is scientifically proven to reduce bounce by 33% versus other leading brands!

SHEFIT works with your body not against it.

Let’s say it’s a hot summer show day and you have five classes with a little downtime between each. Do you:

A. Stay strapped into your sports bra for the entire day despite your discomfort?
B. Switch bras before and after each class, which means taking your shirt on and off?
C. Wear a comfortable but useless bra and be damned to the bounce?
D. Find a bra that allows you to cinch up before each class and loosen immediately after?

The correct answer, of course, is D. With a zipper front and one-hand adjustable straps, SHEFIT bras are designed to control, lift and fit just the way you want, when you want. Simply loosen the shoulder straps once done, without having to remove your shirt or ask a friend for help.

SHEFIT streamlines your silhouette

If you’re a busty a rider, you’ve encountered the crop snafu. It’s what happens when you switch your crop from one hand to the next with a brief, albeit not unexpected, entanglement with your bosom. It only lasts a second or two because you have mastered, mostly, how to make the switch as seamlessly as possible. But what if you could eliminate it altogether?

A less robust profile is the key. Doubling or tripling up on bras is ridiculous, not to mention uncomfortable and duct tape, for all its merits, can’t handle the pressure.

SHEFIT has thwarted that problem as well.

Streamlining your silhouette with its two-way stretch material, it’s the bra that allow you to easily button and zip up your show coat and back protector and to swap crop hands without running interference.

SHEFIT is five times more durable

Have you ever taken your shirt off at the end of the day and thought, what on earth did I brush up against to create these two perfect dirt circles on my shirt?

Infrequently discussed, but often witnessed (typically by everyone but you) are the mysterious “boob circles.” They’re like crop circles. But they appear without warning on your chest.

You, like me, may have pondered this discovery. And you, like me, may have had the penny drop moments before you drifted to sleep: Your sweaty bosom has brushed up against every horse you brushed, every blanket you folded, every fence you leaned against, and every jump standard you moved. And it’s probably been happening for years…

Why has no one said anything? Because it’s awkward.

“Hey Betty Sue, you know you have dirt circles on the chest area of your shirt, right? Like, they are there every day. Thought you knew.”

SHEFIT’s streamlining fit reduces the opportunities to breast bump unawares and it’s moisture-wicking material is five times more durable than other brand-name sports bras, so it’s built to last.

What kind of sorcery is this, say you?

It’s not. It’s science.

SHEFIT is the first fully adjustable Sports Bra and has been scientifically proven to deliver 33% more support than other leading brands in side-by-side testing.

There is a SHEFIT bra for every shape, size, age and ability of women from A-I cup sizes. SHEFIT comes in high, medium and low impact support, as well as lounging impact, which is to say none. And the bras come in a variety of great colors that look so cute on you don’t even need to wear a shirt. Though I would recommend a least wearing your show jacket in the show ring.

Too good to be true? Read the thousands of reviews from women just like you that wear the SHEFIT bra.

Or take it from me, the proud owner of a pretty pink SHEFIT Ultimate that I wear and tighten up before every ride, and immediately loosen once done. No more heaving bosom, boob circles or crop snafus for me.

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