Your riding friends are special.

They’ve been taking lessons with you since you learned how to post trot. They were present for every milestone that could be broken down into a 12-foot stride. You’ve stood beside them on podiums, and cried with them in stalls.

Having been to hell and back (and by hell, I mean that one horse show…) your barn bestie is your ride or die. But actually.

Because riding friends are special. And their gifts should be too.

We’ve come up with a few gift ideas courtesy of our friends at Equishopper. Because the holidays round the corner faster than Kent and Gazelle execute a rollback and exactly no one wants to face a fevered pandemic Black Friday mall run this year. Especially not your barn friends.

Kelley & Co Snaffle Bit Cross Body Wallet Bag

Give your barn friend the gift of convenience with a stylish wallet for the bundles of cash she carries around to pay the farrier for her mare’s therapeutic gel padded bar shoes. The best part: this adorable bag comes at a modest price of $19.99, so you can buy that extra saddle pad for yourself, too.

Kelley & Co Etched Wine Glasses

After a long week of horse showing, a night in with your barn bestie venting about the fated drama over a bottle of red Dark Horse is therapeutic. These Equestrian Etched Stemless Wine Glasses keep with the theme while being a not-so-subtle reminder that you’d like to get together—and soon.

Horze Duffel Bag

When overnighting for a horse show, “the bag” is as essential as its contents. Packing breeches and toiletries alike, ensure your friend travels from the show to home in style with the Horze Duffel Bag.

Dublin Mandy 3 Pack Socks

Remember when you were a kid, and pulling socks out of your stocking felt like a gag gift? Me neither… Nowadays, a pack of socks like the Dublin Mandy 3 Pack Socks ($16.99) would make me jump for joy (with my horse). You can never go wrong with tall socks for an equestrian.

The Kelley & Co Special Moments Mug

Mugs are a comfort gift, but for horse people they’re borderline sacred. The cherished vestibule holds their morning coffee—and the caffeine essential for surviving 6 am stalls on a brisk winter morning. The Kelley & Co Special Moments Ceramic Mug collection features discipline themed art by Ellen Sallas, serving coffee and a reminder of why you choose to get up so early in the first place.

Horseware Belt Bag

A phone holster is perfect for that one friend who can’t find a comfortable spot for their phone, so they leave it on their tack trunk while they go on solo three hour trail rides. Horseware Belt Bag is the gift that gives you both peace of mind


The best way to unwind after a long day with horses is in front of a roaring fire, with hot cocoa and a good book…about horses. Check out the selection of equestrian titles on Equishopper. As they say, the learning never stops.

And your barn friends don’t either.