You can’t judge a book by its cover, but can you judge a rider by their boot socks?

We think you can…

Classic Black

These classic Ovation Women’s Tech Knee High Socks are proof that understated can actually elevate your look. You’re a no nonsense go-getter. You’re the first at the barn to ride before work, have the most well behaved horse in turn-out, and are never late for a course walk. By all outward appearances, you have it all together. That’s because you’re in bed by 8:30 p.m.

Florals and Plaid

Just like these Flower Plaid Ovation Women’s Zocks Boot Socks, you’re fun and feminine. Nobody looks better in a wide brimmed floppy hat than you, especially when you’re ringside in the golf cart sipping wine with your best barn friends. You know life is about stopping to smell the roses, so there’s no sense riding fast. That’s fine, because you do Hunters. Everyone loves your corgi, and looks forward to the Christmas card with him in a holiday sweater and horse in reindeer antlers.

Artsy Fartsy

A cute and artsy pattern (like the Ovation Women’s PerformerZ Boot Socks in Secret Garden Aqua) fits your feet just as well as they do your zany personality. You’re probably one of the friendliest people in the stable. Even if you’re not a barn employee, you spend enough time there and lend a hand so often that you could be mistaken for one. You know every detail about everyone’s horse, and always volunteer to hop on if someone can’t make it out. You have the time, because you never go home.

Winter Woolies

It’s still August but if you have something like these in your drawer, it’s because you’re always one step ahead. As soon as the air changes these Horseware Women’s Winter Wooly Socks say “I’m prepared.” You prioritize function and sensibility when you leave the house. In your trunk there’s a decade old Carhart just in case you need it. If the sky looks ominous, you never forget to grab your rain pants. You’re the Bear Grylls of equestrians—tough and capable. But so are your horses, they live outside.

Plaid Perfect

These Ovation Women’s Boot Zocks are proof you can never go wrong with plaid. It’s traditional equestrian, and so are you. You have picture perfect eq, and an uncanny ability to always arrive at the right distance. Everyday, you spend the better part of an hour dutifully cleaning the crevasses of your leather braided reins. Everything you own is monogrammed or labeled (including your horse’s peppermint bucket). Because nobody is as perfect as he is.

Crazy Socks

The Lettia Women’s Sloth Boot Socks are adorable and hilarious. Still, to wear them yourself you need to have confidence. Endearing quirks and flaming extroversion pairs naturally with crazy sock energy. The wave of ooo’s and aaah’s when you walk down the barn aisle is something you expect when you score a new pair. You thrive off the attention. In the saddle, though, you appear just like the rest. Zipping up your boots is like Clark Kent putting on his glasses. That wild streak comes out in a jump-off when you slice the biggest oxer on course.

Not So Plain Jane

Like your burgundy Aubrion Cottonwood Boot Socks, you’re classy, but aren’t afraid of a little passion in your life. While you’re waiting for your lesson you like to sit with a coffee and read the latest piece of Great American literature. You have an amazing seat and perfect posture because you’ve been riding dressage for at least 10 years. Though, you don’t have to sit beautifully on a horse for every ride to be picture perfect, because you and your horse are always completely coordinated. The socks match the polos which matches the saddle pad which matches the bonnet…

Harlequin Dreams

You live a sort of fast life. Maybe that’s because these Ovation Women’s Knee High Socks give off some serious jockey vibes. Even if you’ve yet to ride in the Triple Crown, you and your adopted OTTB have gone on more than a few galloping adventures over the river and through the woods. Your trainer is always yelling at you to slow down, but you can’t hear them with the wind whistling through your ears.


And you, you’re definitely an Eventer. Amazing but a bit terrifying yet impossible to look away. Need I say more?

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