We love them. We hate them. We can’t resist picking up just one more pair on the off chance that we finally find the “Goldilocks” of riding pants—breeches that fit “just right” and last for years ever after.

Here seven real life amateur riders share the go-to brand for their body type:


Discipline: Eventing/Dressage

Body type: Athletic build with a tall torso

Price range: Less than $150 for schooling breeches; a little more for a good pair or show breeches.

Horze is my favorite brand of breeches! I like a full seat breech, preferably with silicone, belt loops, pockets and a mid-rise. I love how sticky the Horze full seats ($129.99) are and how comfortable they are especially when riding three or more horses a day.


Discipline: Dressage

Body type: Long pear

Price Range: I try to stay under $100 and wait for sales.

First, let me say that I didn’t start actively taking riding lessons until after I retired and was nearly 50. Before that, I just wore jeans. My 36” inseam makes it very difficult to find breeches that have the length I need and still stay within my budget. That said, my favorite breeches are probably the Devon Aire Versailles ($59). They are one of the few brands/styles that have long sizes that go up to 34L/36L. They aren’t really long enough, but everything else is really good. I love that they fit my body type and they come in several colors, my faves being dove, beige and gray.


Discipline: Hunter/Jumper

Body type: Petite

Price range: I like nice things

I have yet to find a pair of breeches that fit me better than Equiline’s—and trust me, it wasn’t an easy search! Curves are not in my genetic makeup, and saggy breeches plagued my junior riding career. I’m grateful that Equiline offers sizes that suit a petite rider like myself. The company boasts a lot of different styles and fits, but the Boston breech ($335) definitely suits me best, with its mid-rise fit and elasticized four-way stretch fabric. A very welcome bonus is the breeches’ durability. They wash well and have lasted me years—with heavy use! 


Discipline: Eventing/Dressage

Body type: Average womanly shape

Price range: I try to stick to $100 or less. I shop clearance and Black Friday sales.

I have a waist and hips and a little extra padding. I wear a size medium in most things. For breeches, full seat is a must, preferably with pockets, and something that will last. My everyday summer breeches are Kerrits Crossover ($177.90). They are light—perfect for the summer heat and humidity, with grippy full seats and they come in many colors. I have a few mid-weight Goode Rider jean breeches ($179) that I wear in spring/fall that are very comfortable and just a little warmer than the Crossover. My winter breeches are also Kerrits. My white show breeches are Romph. I love the Romph for showing because they were one of the few white breeches that were not see-through and they’re very well made.


Discipline: Dressage

Body type: Plus size

Price range: $30–$50

I started wearing breeches and riding tights when I discovered that my jeans last longer when I swap them out for something specifically made for time in the saddle. In the summer, my favorite is TuffRider Cotton Schoolers Riding Tights ($42), because they are cool and light and don’t stick the way that pants do when the humidity here in the Midwest gets above 90%. They are also inexpensive, running between $30 and $50 dollars, and they last forever. My oldest pair is four years old and yet the elastic and the knee patches still look great even after hard use.


Discipline: Eventing

Body type: Boxy with a curvy behind

Price range: Under $125 (and finding them on sale is a huge win)

Kerrits is my favorite brand. I grew up wearing Kerrits. No matter what occasion, I can find a pair that will work and not break the bank ($89–$220). Full seat is a must. With my six year old Oldenburg mare’s various temperaments, I have to be prepared to stick well in whatever saddle I am riding in. 


Discipline: Hunter

Body type: Curvy with toned legs

Price range: Around the $100 mark, but my favorites are in the $200 range

I’ve been wearing Tailored Sportsman for almost two decades. The mid rise Trophy Hunter breeches ($189.90) are my favorite. I find them super comfortable, they last forever and the variety of colors is awesome. I really love the tan breeches with the brown knee patch and like the choice of side and front zip.

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