Come hell or high water or torrential downpours, you’re going to the barn.

Just because you’re undeterred by inclement weather doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable, though. A wise old teacher of mine with feathery gray hair once said, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

Stuck in a classic Kentucky Horse Park thunderstorm, my socks soaked through, I couldn’t forget those words. What I did forget, however, was what it felt like to be warm.

To save you from the same teeth-chattering fate brought on by my lack of preparedness, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling all of the items I wish I had with me. And they won’t clean out your rainy day fund.

Ovation Women’s Mudster Shoe and Boot Saver

Shoelaces are the shoe’s secret sewer system—a convenient passageway for rainwater or runoff from the visor of your helmet to deposit directly into your socks. Since we can’t ride or show in muck boots, Ovation has come up with a solution: the Mudster Shoe and Boot Saver ($24.95) slips right over your boots to keep you clean and dry. No need to wait for inclimate weather to try these bad boys, just slide them on whenever you need to use the wash stall. Or trudge through muddy paddocks.

FITS Women’s Hydra Rain Show Coat

The hardest part about a rainy horse show day has to be making the decision to either cover up your favorite show coat or canter around a course with water logged sleeves. With the FITS Women’s Hydra Rain Show Coat ($125.10) you can forget the internal struggle and focus on memorizing your course. It’s completely waterproof, so it has everything you need in a rain jacket and everything you want in show coat.

Equistar Waterproof Helmet Cover

I think you’ll agree, $3.55 is a small price to pay for maintaining the integrity of the velvet or suede on your helmet. The Equistar Waterproof Helmet Cover in a traditional black will blend right in with your regular riding outfit, especially when the rain is coming down in sheets and no one can see beyond 100 yards.

Ovation Women’s Coach Raincoat

Good luck finding a long trench style coat to keep you dry in the saddle on any Macy’s rack. The Ovation Women’s Coach Raincoat ($175.00) is designed to be both fashionable and effective, with elastic leg straps and an adjustable rear gusset for wet weather riding. Because sitting on slick material while your cantering your not-so-brave dressage horse in 25 mph winds just isn’t a great combo.

Centaur Show Ring Rain Sheet

Here we have the equine version of the Ovation Women’s Coach Raincoat, the Centaur Show Ring Rain Sheet. Covering just about every inch of the horse while still giving you the freedom to ride, that wet saddle dirt streak is a thing of the past. Wear them together and other riders might know you really hate rain. But you won’t go home smelling like manure and mildew, so we all know wins here..

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