No matter how comfortable your tall boots are, we can’t wait to take those bad boys off and slip into our favorite pair of barn shoes after a long day of riding.

Have you ever noticed the vast variety of barn shoes around a horse show? (Are we the only ones scoping out people’s footwear after hours?) Think about it, this is a rare time of the day where a little more individuality and personality appears in such a uniformed sport. What is your barn shoe of choice?

Tennis Shoes

The Tennis shoe is yoga pants of shoes for a rider. Comfortable, travels easy, you have no cares as to what happens to your tennis shoes because there’s always another pair coming up in your closet that will soon replace them. Plus, the color goes with just about anything you are rocking that day.


Are you a Clogger? We still see quite a few people today wearing the hard shell clogs or Sloggers. They come in a variety of color choices so it allows you to tap into your barn spirit and pair your shoes with your barn colors. Cloggers all about the comfort factor but the safety of the hard shell puts your mind at ease around jumping hooves.


Ah, the classic Sperry’s look. A very popular shoe around horse shows, they are extremely comfortable and have major fashion appeal for riding attire. While Sperry’s have their fair share of haters, those of us who are Sperry wearers enjoy the classic look, arch support and the color options that vary from neutrals to prints! Oh, and we can’t forget about the fun knots and bows you can tie with the laces of Sperry’s.


Everyone knows that flats are the go-to shoe after wearing heels. For riders, our heeled boots are about as close to heels are we get on a daily basis. Do you retire your older flats as barn shoes? They might not make the cut for your daily closet, they are almost brand new for around the barn. As a flats fan, you don’t worry about the exposure to your feet or the practicality of the shoe you are wearing, you’re quite enjoying the fact that they look chic as ever.


The only sneaker to be worn both casually and on the red carpet. You are all about the comfort but the addicting eye appeal of the Converse shoe just pulls you in. Don’t try to hide it, we know you have three of the same pair scattered between your car, tackbox and backdoor. These “sneakers” are very sleek and they just look awesome with riding apparel, especially on you, men.

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