Summer is right around the corner and the sun is making its powerful debut.

In a sport that involves being in the sun for hours on end we are faced with the challenge of preserving our skin. How many of us actually put on sunblock, let alone reapply every four to six hours?

Let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time for that! We are equestrians—we’re lucky if we have a moment in the day to grab a sandwich.

Here are a few fashionable options to help keep your skin looking young and fresh under the blazing sun.

Sun hats—no, we’re not talking about a baseball cap. As fashionable and iconic as they are in the equestrian world, the protection they give is limited. We recommend trying a visor both on and off the horse to keep the sun off your face.

Yes, you might find they’ll take some time to get use to. Some might even seem a little heavy on your head, but there are many style option now. The lighter versions—like Soless riding—have a lighter weight visor.

If you want something a little more heavy duty—one that no sun will shine through—go with the classic EquiVisor.

These come in a few different colors and the velcro adjustment will fit a wide range of head sizes. In fact, your riding visor can even double as a regular visor! Just be careful to watch the top of your head. Those with more sensitive skin could end up burning.

If visor chic isn’t your style, we recommend trying a floppy sunhat.

The options are endless in this area of fashion. Go with a classic straw hat or add a little flare to a cloth hat with bows, ribbons or even some sparkle. Hats that have UV protection are highly recommended.

Sun sleeves (especially the Riders Sleeve brand) are a fantastic item to have in your tack box. You can just throw them on when you feel like the sun is getting a little too intense.

For a little extra coverage, try the b.m.c sun sleeves that cover your hands—even better for keeping sunspots and discoloration at bay.

Protection from the sun has become a hot topic in recent years as we learn more about the damaging effects UV rays have on skin. Sunblock, chapstick with SPF, sunglasses or even wearing a long sleeve shirt versus a short sleeve shirt can make all the difference.

‘Till next time.

Chiara and Ariana Zuccolotto

About the Authors

Chiara & Ariana Zuccolotto are the fashion mavens behind Zuccolotto Designs, a luxury crossover brand founded on a love of both fashion and equestrian lifestyle. Follow their fashion exploits on Facebook!