Coming to You Live…

Tune in for the 2019 Ringling Cup 6-Goal Final live from Sarasota Polo Club in Florida this Sunday, March 24 at 13:00 EDT!

This weekend’s match sees the Whiskey Pond take on Wrigley Media Group!

Playing for Whiskey Pond in the yellow jerseys are Jocelyn Groulx (Handicap = 0), Brent Hamill (Handicap = 0),  Francisco Llosa (Handicap = 3) and Joe Wayne Barry (Handicap = 3). In the red jerseys, taking the field for Wrigley Media Group, are Raj Singh (Handicap = -0.5), Josh Shelton (Handicap = 2), Herndon Radcliff (Handicap = 3), and James Miller (Handicap = 1.5).

Tune in for six chukkers of excitement!