5 Horsey Commercials Guaranteed to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

It’s almost unfathomable, but the holidays are here again. It’s time to scour those horse catalogues for all the gear you absolutely don’t need! But if you have a moment to spare from your wish list making and wish granting this season, I suggest you let these horsey holiday commercials make you smile.

1. Pony – eBay

2. The Pony at Christmas – Three UK

3. A Little Holiday Magic – Hermès

4. Snowball Fight – Budweiser

5. Kiss – Budweiser

Now go buy your horse something pretty!

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Marjorie Wilkinson is the co-founder and co-editor of Counter-Canter Culture—a revolutionary online publication intended to unite the equestrians and equestrian-enthusiasts who aren’t afraid to kick up the dust that has settled on the conventional equine lifestyle. She is also a real-life Hollywood music supervisor and the official curator of Counter-Canter Culture’s musical column, 100% Sound.