As equestrians, we are accustomed to horses disrupting our daily activities. But this week, I invite you to witness an exuberant and surreal explosion of equestrian activity, courtesy of American artist Nick Cave, confront the average citizenry of Sydney, Australia.

On November 10th and 12th, the aptly-named contemporary multi-arts center Carriageworks and the City of Sydney are presenting HEARD·SYD, an experience of sight and sound with dancers and musicians dressed in 30 life-sized horse-suits. The colorful horse suits are constructed from raffia and found materials, and produce a distinctive sound when activated by the 60 plus dancers and musicians that will bring the performance to life.

HEARD·SYD creator Nick Cave is known for his soundsuits, which are best described as intricate sculptures that combine art, fashion, dance and music. He takes inspiration from African ceremonial costumes, Tibetan textiles, and popular culture, to create these master works that command attention and provide an escape from the bustle of the city.

Cave has reimagined HEARD especially for Sydney, with previous iterations of the project appearing as HEARD·TX in Dallas, Texas (2012), HEARD·NY in Grand Central Station, New York (2013), and HEARD·DETROIT in Detroit, Michigan (2015). Watch here to learn more about the artist and to see how New Yorkers reacted in Grand Central Station.

To see how Sydney reacts, follow @carriageworks or @bresicwhitney on Instagram or search #heardsyd. Enjoy the show!

Marjorie Wilkinson Bio PicAbout the Author

Marjorie Wilkinson is the co-founder and co-editor of Counter-Canter Culture—a revolutionary online publication intended to unite the equestrians and equestrian-enthusiasts who aren’t afraid to kick up the dust that has settled on the conventional equine lifestyle. She is also a real-life Hollywood music supervisor and the official curator of Counter-Canter Culture’s musical column, 100% Sound.