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The 10 Types of Grooms You Will Meet in Life

10 Types of Grooms You Meet In Life

Grooms! They keep the horses happy, the barn moving and the water buckets full. Just how they go about that daily business depends on the type…

1. The Lifer

Also known as the career groom, this person was born to be a pony primper and can't imagine themselves doing anything else. They know everything about everything, everyone who is anyone, and they probably have a bad back. When they are too old (and crippled from their years of brushing) to keep up with the physical demands of the job, they will become show managers and mentor the next generation.

2. The Thrill Seeker

This person thrives on the constant change and the frantic pace of show life. They live for the excitement of Saturday night Grand Prix under the lights and the tension of competition. They shine on the busiest show days when others are buckling under the stress. They are always ready to tackle the next obstacle, run the next race, head to the next show. Slowness or sameness are their enemy.

3. The Runaway

This person is on the road to escape something. It might be a bad past, a crappy relationship, or just the pressure of real-life responsibilities. The runaway believes that if they just keep moving, they can outpace whatever they don't want to face.

4. The Foreign Worker

Whether it is a European in Canada, an American in Germany, or a South American who has come north, the foreign worker wants to experience life in another country. This person probably works harder than you, because it's a long trip back home if they get fired.

5. The Three-Monther

This type doesn't always last exactly three months, but between the ones who quit within a week and the ones who manage to hack it for six months, that's the average. He or she doesn't have what it takes to cut it as a groom and had no idea what they were getting into when they applied. He or she probably whines a lot and takes sit-down breaks while other people are working. It isn't long before this type fades out to find something a little easier.

6. The Midlife Crisis

This person left their regular grownup life to change careers. They may have had a house, maybe kids that have moved out, and maybe they are even married or divorced. Invariably, though, they left a better-paying and easier job to be a travelling horse brusher. The rest of us usually think this person is crazy, but they seem happy, so who are we to judge? They tend to make amazing grooms once they are trained because they have the self-assurance and competence that comes with life experience.

7. The Adventurer

This person is probably in their 20s. They have no plans to be a groom for the long term; they have no plans for the long term at all. They are on a mission of self-discovery and self-improvement, love horses, and are headed wherever the wind takes them.

8. The Aspiring Rider

This person thinks that they could be competing in Grand Prix if someone would just give them a horse and half a chance. Hard is the life of the aspiring rider-groom because brushing is almost never an avenue to a pro riding career. If they find a job that involves both grooming and keeping the horses fit or training green horses, the aspiring rider-groom will fit in comfortably—even if they are not competing.

9. The Student

This person has a life plan that involves horses. They might want to start their own business or become a barn manager, and they are on the road for the experience. They know that grooming is one of the most well-rounded equine educations they'll ever be paid to get. They ask a lot of questions, and they might make some annoying suggestions now and then, but they usually make pretty good grooms.

10. The Part-Timer

It might be a university student who only does summers or an ex-groom who takes the week off from their real job to do shows close to home. The part-timer is unique in the fact that they have one foot in our world, and one out there in the real world. We accept them anyway.

About the Author

When she’s not sharing hard-won #groomtruths, Brooke Nicholls works as a professional groom in Canada..

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