Her name was Nikita Korsay. She was afraid of tractors, so anytime a tractor drove by I’d fall off in the warm up ring. But other than that she was a really good show pony.

Growing Up Millar


©Jayne Huddleston

Stanford set out to prove his theory. He needed a way to capture the very moment, undetectable to the naked eye, when a galloping horse goes completely airborne. He needed a photograph, which led him to Eadweard Muybridge.

How Two Men, a Racehorse and a Wager Revolutionized the Film Industry


Rocky Bear’s stride was huge and I was feeling the wind in my face like those exercise riders I envied. My attempts to slow him down went unheeded, but still, I was not afraid.

A Dream Ride 50 Years in the Making


Telling your trainer their services are no longer needed is never easy, but we’re here to help. Be strong, you got this.

How to Break Up With Your Trainer


We’re all only in it for the money, fame, and glory.

12 Reasons Why “Gawker” Is Dead Wrong About Horse Girls


It is a constant battle in our little equestrian community. Do we push horses too hard? Or do we not push them hard enough?

Thoroughbred Makeover: Let the Horse Be the Clock