If you haven’t seen Rihanna and Drake’s back-to-back new videos for their latest collaboration “Work”, know this: they’re steamy. So steamy, YouTube deems them “explicit”. So steamy, they notched over 11 million views in the first 18 hours of release.

(via giphy.com)

(via giphy.com)

But while the rest of the world is still trying to cool down from the fiya these two set on YouTube, horse people are feeling a little let down by the whole thing.

You see, in January, fans were abuzz over snaps leaked from Rihanna’s Work video set in L.A. that featured, of all things, a LOUIS VUITTON PATTERNED HORSE.


However, there’s no trace of the horse in either of the “Work” videos, which has us hoping they’ve saved the footage for Ri’s next project. DJ Khaled is hinting at something—this snapchat with Drake appeared at the same time the horse photos surfaced.


So let’s just hope the Louis Vuitton horse didn’t end up on the editing room floor, because, well, nothing says success like your own Louis Vuitton branded horse.