After stumbling across this video for High Country Horses, a horse trek operator based in Glenorchy, New Zealand, we’re pretty sure we’ll never ever want to ride horses Down Under.

1. For one thing, it’s far too crowded with people.


2. And the countryside is just so one-dimensional.


3. If you’ve got your heart set on a gallop, you’re definitely going to be disappointed.


4. And it’s a well known fact that Kiwi horses are terrified of water.


5. The mountains are totally lackluster.


6. Oh, and did we mention the vistas are terrible?



I’m sure by now we’ve managed to convince you to steer clear of New Zealand altogether. But if not, we’ll just let this impeccably filmed, breathtakingly beautiful video by High Country Horses do the job for us, shall we?

(Yep, we’re totally kidding, by the way. We’re actually packing our bags right now.)