Amateur Hour

Amateur Hour

Trading Places

The other day I woke up at dawn with mixed feelings of exhilaration and concern. I was going to be riding a new horse with…

7 months ago

Amateur Hour

Lessons from Chestnut Horses

Most people don’t get the opportunity to bring home the horse they took riding lessons on. But that’s exactly what happened the summer between my…

8 months ago

Amateur Hour

I Chose My Horse Over My Husband

There are obviously countless reasons why a couple decides to breakup or file for divorce. As anyone who has survived a failed, long-term relationship knows,…

9 months ago

Amateur Hour

Why Horses?

Living in a town where being horsey is not the norm, I have often been challenged with this question, by others and even myself. It’s…

10 months ago

Amateur Hour

10 Signs You’re an Amateur Spook

In my younger days I breezed racehorses alongside emus in the forests of Western Australia, galloped bareback through snow-laden fields in Canada, descended precipitously steep…

12 months ago

Amateur Hour

Remembering to Breathe

I’m having the best horse show season of my 35 year career in the ring. Yet I’ve barely been subject to the judge’s eye myself.…

1 year ago