To Live With Honor

The war never ends.

Good vs. evil, life vs. death, sinner vs. saint, hero vs. villain, and damnation vs. redemption. But the universe is a dangerously chaotic and messy place with few hard-drawn lines, and where all sides battle to coexist in each place, each person, each chance, and each choice. That one choice can sometimes seem impossible. But even the impossible has a finish line.

To Live With Honor is the true story of Captain Tim Finley—told in his own words. The tragedies, the triumphs, the heroes, and the horses.

Episode 8: Lies

Narcissism is a result of the weak and broken trying to protect the positive image others hold of them. And lies are the best tactic in that defense. Because it is a lie. But buried inside the bundle is actually the most insidious lie of all, the lie the narcissist tells himself that is the platform for all others: that he is truly awful. If he did not believe this, he would have no need to lie, nothing to hide, nothing for which to compensate. Light and shadow.

Episode 7: Life Before Honor

“The greatest way to live with honor in this life is to be what we pretend to be.”

– Seneca

Pain grows and festers the longer one carries it. First we must be honest with ourselves that the pain exists. We must be honest with ourselves that we were vulnerable enough and human enough to be hurt. Then we must finally be honest with ourselves that we possess the strength to defeat it.

Trigger warning: this episode contains graphic references to suicide, combat and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Episode 6: Courage

Courage doesn’t look the way you think. And neither does the forgiveness that requires it. At a time when bravery is flooding the market, courage is in critical supply. Still yourself for a moment, and watch closely.

No. Closer.

Episode 5: Shadows

Stop looking at your shadow. Embrace change; don’t begrudge it. It will never cease, and neither must you.

Episode 4: Your Horse

Life has a soundtrack. Sometimes we choose the song. Sometimes it chooses us. Sometimes it’s a freight train careening off the tracks.

Episode 3: I Bought You a Horse?

There are millions of resources out there for horse owners seeking to better improve their horsemanship. I locked that market down to a one-idiot monopoly. Follow me for more disastrous recipes.

Episode 2: Providence

Greatness resides in the world all around us in unlikely places—places we despise, resent, regret, and choose to overlook. Places we hide away from, places we don’t want great things to come from. Including within ourselves.

Episode 1: Prologue

Youth comes standard-issue with hubris, despite its noble aims. Decisions have consequences, even if not for years. Every war has a first shot fired… even the war within.


Welcome to the war. In case of emergency, the horse is set to auto-eject. Stay hydrated. Live fierce. This all ends.

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