Horse Health

Cold Weather Laminitis?

It happens every winter. A horse that may not even have a prior history of laminitis is found to be very lame and reluctant to…

4 weeks ago

Horse Health

The Genetics of Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance (IR), defined as a failure of insulin responsive cells to take up glucose under normal levels of circulating insulin, affects an estimated 12-15%…

10 months ago

Horse Health

Combating Winter Laminitis

Frozen lumpy ground can make any horse look lame but if the horse has insulin resistance there may be more going on. The first thing…

11 months ago

Horse Health

Stay Ahead of Fall Laminitis

There are many possible causes of laminitis but the vast majority of cases have a hormonal/endocrine root. There is a peak in the spring, related…

1 year ago