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Dive into the world of show jumping with the Jump Clear Daily Fantasy Show.

Learn key insights on athlete and horse performance, understand pick strategies and recap the biggest stories. The Jump Clear Daily Fantasy Show airs every Friday. Host Michael Cruciotti will help you understand show jumping and how to have the best possible chance of winning cash prizes on the Jump Clear Fantasy App (available on the App Store and Google Play).

Episode 24: Team Sweden Dominates the WEG, Big Announcement Coming for Jump Clear

We are back! In that time Team Sweden dominated the WEG, Team Ireland took home the gold in the Dublin Nations Cup and big announcements are coming for Jump Clear. Join us as we discuss all this and more!

Episode 23: Our Final Picks For the WEG Final and Its Not Who You Would Expect

The World Equestrian Games Individual final is upon us and there can only be one winner! We bring you a very special episode of the Jump Clear Daily Fantasy podcast on this amazing Saturday. In this episode we break down the top 5 riders going into the final tomorrow AND give you our final predictions.

Episode 22: BOLD Predictions for the WEG that Will Shock You!

In this installment we breakdown the format of the World Equestrian Games, what are the current standings for the team and individuals and our BOLD predictions for the weekend. All this and more on the Jump Clear Daily Fantasy Podcast.

Episode 21: Horse Show Husband, Picks For World Equestrian Games…and More!

Join us today as we breakdown a packed week of show jumping, the new world rankings, app tips of the week and the upcoming World Equestrian games! Interested in winning $500? Of course you are! Stay tuned until the end of the podcast to learn how you can win $500 at the end of the month.

Episode 20: It’s Time to Jump Dinard!

The best head to Dinard for a weekend of show jumping. Tune in for new app updates on Jump Clear Fantasy, USEF’s new gambling policy and our weekend picks for the top competitions around the world.

Episode 19: From World Cup Finals to the NHL Championship

NHL owner and U.S. Jumping Team veteran Charlie Jacobs discusses how Daily Fantasy has impacted the NHL and what it could do with show jumping. Plus weekend results and strategies on placing your picks.

Episode 18: Insider Picks to Help Claim Your Podium

The weekend recap and the main events to come. Plus two exclusive picks directly from the back gate.

Episode 17: Jumping into Show Jumping Lore

Stories from last weekend, a win for the ages in Aachen and the new Free to Play feature of the app.

Episode 16: Piper Klemm Joins the Jump Clear Daily Fantasy Podcast

Piper Klemm joins the Jump Clear Daily Fantasy Podcast in a very special Tuesday weekend recap. Join us as we discuss the current state of our industry, how our sport is growing from the ground up and why asking great questions can help you grow as a rider.

Episode 15: The Solution For the Bored Horse Show Boyfriend

This fun episode discusses the weekend recap and a solution for all the bored horse show boyfriends out there.

Episode 14: Show Jumping Is Not Just for the Pros

Amateur rider Kelsey Cruciotti discusses her mental preparation, applying stats to her riding and working towards the ultimate goal on this episode of Jump Clear Daily Fantasy Podcast.

Episode 13: The Rise of a New Star and World Rankings

Join us as we talk about the big results from the past weekend, the new Longines FEI World Rankings and a rider that is on a meteoric rise.

Episode 12: Ashlee Bond…Running Your Race

We sit down with international Grand Prix start Ashlee Bond to talk about how influential people in your corner can help you prepare for the big moments, how to curb unattainable expectations and how to run your race.

Episode 11: 12 Wins, The Process & a Weekend of Results

The King of the Dixon Oval makes it 12 Grand Prix Wins. Join us for the Weekend Recap edition of the Jump Clear Daily Fantasy Podcast as we talk McLain Ward’s historic win, sport psychology, the process of a champion and the weekend recap.

Episode 10: McLain Ward and the Mindset of a Champion

Moving away from our normal Thursday show, we bring you an interview with one of the best riders in the world: McLain Ward. Join us as we talk sports psychology, horses and mental preparation to be successful.

Episode 9: Pro Basketball, Show Jumping and Carly Anthony

We talk pro basketball, show jumping and stats. In addition, we have an amazing conversation with top up and coming international professional Carly Anthony.

Episode 8: The Youngest Rider to Win the Devon Grand Prix & Back Gate Picks

Join us for a special episode of the Jump Clear Daily Fantasy podcast as we talk the weekend preview, schedules, stats and back gate picks. We also sit down with the youngest rider to ever win the Devon Grand Prix.

Episode 7: Bragging Rights and Stats

We talk about the latest feature to drop on the app: The Live User Leaderboard. This feature allows you to view your current picks in real time as well as see your position on the leader. We also talk about the big winners from the past weekend and their stats.

Episode 6: Back Gate Picks and Olympic Riders

In today’s episode we talk about which horse shows we will have on the app and breakdown our top picks. We also talk to an Olympic rider on the future of statistics in show jumping.

Episode 5: A Royal Weekend Indeed

Who were the big winners, who took home the Yano’s gift card and which rider took home the Rolex watch.

Episode 4: The Flowers Are Bluman in London

Which horse shows will be featured on the app, which riders we think are going to jump clear and much more. We also a special guest: Daniel Bluman!

Episode 3: Rankings, Statistic, Oh My!

The new world rankings are out! Who’s No. 1, who has the highest clear round percentages, how do you make sense of all this? We discuss all this and more in today’s episode.

Episode 2: Weekend Preview

Dive into the weekend preview with the Jump Clear Daily Fantasy Podcast. Today we talk about the weekend’s biggest events, who our picks are and which rider is on fire.

Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the Jump Clear Daily Fantasy Podcast. We cover the weekend recap from the biggest events in show jumping, talk about a rider who stunned a crowd of more than 5k people (and not because he won), and more!