HN Reads, The Podcast

Conversations with the authors of horse books, some you have heard of, some you’ll wish you had heard of sooner.

Join host Gretchen Lida as she interviews trainers, novelists, Olympic riders, memoirists, and more about their work in the saddle and on the page.

Episode 3: The Year of the Horses

When Courtney Maum developed severe depression in her late 30s, she did the usual things many do to treat it, such as therapy and medication. But, as another way to reclaim herself, she also returned to horses after more than two decades away—and then took up the harrowing, high speed sport of polo. She chronicled that journey in her new memoir, The Year of the Horses. In this wide-ranging discussion, host Gretchen Lida and Courtney cover everything from returning to riding as an adult, the life of an artist who also loves horses, and the cultural implications of being a horse girl. Listen in!

Episode 2: The Idea of Order

Since 2011, Dressage Rider, cartoonist, and proud Floridian, Morgane Schmidt has been dazzling the equestrian internet with her webcomic The Idea of Order. These hilarious, beautifully drawn comics capture every aspect of a life with horses, from the drama of purchasing and showing to the ridiculousness of every day care. On this episode of HN Reads, Morgane and Gretchen Lida discuss art, dressage, and the process of publishing the first print collection—and Morgane’s her utter hatred of winter. Her new collection of comics Life with Horses is Never Orderly out now.

Episode 1: From the Horse’s Point of View

Trainer Andrea Kutsch joins host Gretchen Lida to geek out about her book From the Horse’s Point of View: Horse Training’s New Frontier. After many years as a natural horsemanship trainer, Andrea wanted to find a way to prevent many of the issues she was seeing in the troubled horses that showed up for her to train. She and her team partnered with The Lewitz Stud in Germany to scientifically examine stress responses and other cues in horses to understand better how they learned, ultimately creating Evidence-Based Equine Communication.