Tim Hayes



One of the most impressive qualities of some of today’s top Natural Horsemanship clinicians is their honesty to admit they don’t have all the answers.…

8 months ago


Horses and Humans in Winter

Winter can bring the doldrums even to our horses. In their natural environment, the air gets colder, the ground gets harder, food gets scarcer and…

2 years ago


The Horse, a Gift for All Seasons

When I set out to write RIDING HOME ~ The Power of Horses to Heal, I wanted to share the profound emotional healing one can experience…

2 years ago


The Power of Intention

Probably the greatest example of the power of intention is found in the world of Quantum Physics. In this world we learn that literally everything…

2 years ago


Be. Do. Have.

In 1996 I participated in a three day, self-awareness workshop. It was enormously helpful and quite enlightening. One of many concepts I learned made a…

3 years ago


Your Horse Is Never Wrong

Have you ever watched or ridden your friend’s horse and thought: “I wish my horse was like that?” Have you ever known the husband or…

3 years ago


Buying a Horse

Of all the major decisions people are faced with—getting married, having children, buying a house, buying a car, changing jobs, or getting divorced—buying a horse,…

4 years ago

Horse Play


Have you ever gone to a public swimming pool and seen a sign that says: “NO DIVING, NO RUNNING, NO HORSEPLAY.”  What is “horseplay”? With…

4 years ago