John R. Killacky

Amateur Hour

A Pony Named Raindrop

My Irish Catholic father was a difficult man—hard working all his life and hard drinking for much of my youth. Gay boys and their daddies…

2 months ago

Big Picture

Horse Sense for Politicians

Four years ago I was invited to present the daily devotional which I called “Horse Sense for Politicians” drawn from experience working with my Shetland…

3 months ago


Wintry Residue

The pony and I are having a hard time. She’s been pulling me in a cart for seven years now. Out of nowhere she’s gotten…

1 year ago


A Heartfelt Roadmap to Connection

Choreographer and equestrian Paula Josa-Jones has written an intelligently observed, beautifully rendered collection of experiences and inspirations detailing her artist’s journey of learning to be…

2 years ago


Working with My Pony

I unhitch my Shetland and put her outside in a corral to cool down. As she grazes, I see in her the ancestral Mongolian ponies:…

2 years ago


Barn Lessons

We horse people are a curious lot. Joy is found in mundane chores. Every season brings its peculiar challenges of mucking out stalls, feeding, cleaning…

2 years ago


Mud Season at the Barn

New life is revealing itself between melted snow and budding green. The sun is ever warmer. Snow tires changed. Passover and Easter celebrated. Spring should…

2 years ago


Dwell Time

Leaving my overscheduled workday behind, I’m greeted by a whinny. If I linger too long outside, the pony neighs loudly. Nearing her stall, I try…

3 years ago


Post-Concussion Syndrome

“What happened?” I asked. They replied that I fell out of the cart my pony was pulling, and was knocked unconscious. Minutes later, I asked…

4 years ago