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March 28, 2023
Dear Mr. Peter Hughes:  
On behalf of Zangersheide Equestrian Law Firm, its Trustees, and the Executor of the Estate of the late Mrs. Dorothy Hughes, I am once again attempting to notify you as, I can only assume, my previous 68 calls, texts, letters, and emails went to spam, were left on read, or somehow went astray. 

Once again, I hereby attempt to reach you at the email address listed in your late mother’s directives. I wish to notify you that, your father having passed previously, Mrs. Dorothy Hughes has named you the sole heir and beneficiary of her will. 

As you may know by now, the bulk of your mother’s New York estate will be executed by another firm. That said, as attorneys specializing in Equine Law, we would like to inform you that you have inherited Mrs. Hughes’ prize possessions: her string of eight, meticulously bred and trained imported hunters and showjumpers, currently valued at $7 million dollars. 

As an avid equestrian and well-known figure in the hunter/jumper community, your mother’s taste in horses was second to none. Her Holsteiner stallion, Dinky Boy le Doux, placed in many five-star international classes, including the Rolex Grand Prix of Turin, before being imported by your mother in 2018. Since that time, Dinky Boy and Mrs. Hughes have earned multiple wins together in the Amateur Jumpers and national-level grands prix. 

Ditto for her impeccably pedigreed top mare, Sienna van de Toyota, who helped the Belgian Team to a podium finish in the Florin Nations Cup CSIO5* in 2019 before joining your mother’s stable the following spring. For her championship-level athleticism and future breeding potential, “Sienna,” alone, is valued at more than $1.2 million. Finally, your mother’s well-known Amateur-Owner hunter gelding, Hoodwinked, helped her to multiple tri-colors at top venues up and down the East Coast, including Indoor finals, as recently as last year. 

As you may know, your late mother was on the board of several equine rescue charities and providing for the manifold needs of her own animals was, in her words, “the joy of my life.” To that end, your mother has enclosed a specific list of care instructions required for each of her eight, prized show horses (a detailed addendum will be provided upon your acceptance of these terms).

These include but are not limited to: 

  • Monthly training board at a top equine facility in Westchester County.
  • Weekly sports therapies (aqua therapy treadmill, cold water spa treatments, TheraPlate, PEMF/ heat blanket, magnetic blankets).
  • Mind + Body work (monthly chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, animal communicator sessions).
  • Organic grain, top-of-the-line supplements, Adequan® injectables.
  • Regularly scheduled and as-needed veterinary and dental care.
  • AFA-certified farrier care, including glue-on shoes for multiple horses.
  • As-needed sports medicine veterinary work (joint injections, mesotherapy, IRAP, PRP, Pro-Stride, etc.).
  • Trucking to/from trainer’s North (Westchester County, NY) and South (Palm Beach County, FL) farms seasonally.
  • As-needed repair or replacement of tack, equipment, blankets, and care/grooming supplies (sets for home/horse shows for each horse).
  • Bulk organic apple/carrot deliveries as needed.  

Following your mother’s sad passing last month (may she rest in peace), her will is now ready for execution. Upon your acceptance of these terms, the very valuable Dinky Boy le Doux, Sienna van de Toyota, Hoodwinked, and the rest of your mother’s $7 million equine estate will be transferred directly to your name in USEF (all transfer fees will be billed), and you can assume responsibility for their monthly board, care, and expenses immediately.

Please kindly to respond to this email at your earliest possible convenience so that we may advise you of next steps and draft the proper paperwork.


Ellen M. Unger, Esq.


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