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FEI Campus Is for the Horse Geek in All of Us

Growing up, did you save your babysitting money to buy expensive veterinary textbooks?

Did you spend your free time memorizing the bones in the horse’s hoof and the names of all ligaments below the knee? Were you the first to volunteer to assist the attending veterinarian in bare handed sheath cleaning? (No, just me?)

Good news, my socially stunted friends! The FEI has launched a FREE e-learning platform—FEI Campus.

From the press release:

“FEI Campus content and courses have been carefully crafted by equestrian experts and are designed for everyone, including those looking for invaluable horse training and stable management tips to educational programmes on veterinary needs, equine behaviour and also for judging certification.”

Hear that? Thirteen-year-old me just squealed.

The online educational platform currently offers a modest number of discipline specific courses and an assorted mix of horsemanship programs—from equine anatomy and physiology, behaviour and handling, conformation, husbandry and feeding to identification, health and analyzing the equine athlete. There’s also an Olympic hub and language training under the horsemanship banner, which, if we’re following a classification system, is probably misfiled but there you have it.

The best part: more courses are to be added regularly to “satisfy your keen hunger for knowledge.” So your learning need never end!

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