Having not been heard from since his starring role in the poorly received 2013 Johnny Depp movie, it’s probable that the Lone Ranger made his first public appearance in nearly three years last week when he (possibly/maybe) saved a woman whose purse was snatched in a parking lot in Northridge, California.

While leaving the Fashion Center Mall on Friday, a woman walking to her car was surprised when a thief ran by, swiping her purse. Northridge (located an hour northwest of L.A.) is well known as a horse-friendly town. But that didn’t lessen the unfortunate victim’s surprise, when, after hearing her screams from the street, a passing cowboy the Lone Ranger (possibly/maybe) rode up to the parking lot on his trusty steed (Silver, duh) and gave chase.

Witnesses say the horseman pursued the bandit around the mall before cornering him and retrieving the purse. He rode back to the awaiting lady outside of Sears department store where he returned her purse before (possibly/maybe) tipping his hat and spinning his rearing horse while shouting, “Hi-yo Silver, away!” and riding off into whatever was left of the California sunset.

Thankfully, nothing was taken from the woman’s purse, though several female onlookers seem to have lost their hearts to the unnamed hero of the day.

“If you’re taken, she’s very lucky,” witness Natalie Rivera said of the hero to CBSLA.com. “But if you’re not … call me!”

Typical Lone Ranger move—always the ladies’ man.