Looking to add a hint of exotica to your barn? Do we have the horse zorse for you. His name is Zulu, and yes, he is sired by a zebra and out of a Arab.

According to the Horse & Hound, the 8-year-old hybrid gelding was bred in the US but took up residence in the UK four years ago. He’s currently housed at the Severn Valley Rescue in Bridgnorth in Shropshire and is believed to be the only zorse in the country.

“He is a real character — he is friendly but he has his days,” Severn Valley Rescue owner Amanda Ball told Horse & Hound. “People think his personality would be a combination of horse or zebra, but he always behaves like one or the other.

“He’s a bit more than I can handle. He is very focused he just needs someone who will continue his work to keep him in the public eye.”

Although quite rare, zebras hybrids have been popping up sporadically around the world for centuries. And while their exotic beauty is unmistakable, it’s not altogether practical.

Helluva conversation piece, though.