Coming to You Live…

Join us Sunday, April 28th, for the last match of the 2019 Sarasota Polo Club season! This week’s match sees Tito’s take on Hillcroft in the 2019 USPA Constitution Cup 8 Goal Final.

Riding for Tito’s in the white jerseys and with a team handicap of 8 are Don Stemaly (Handicap = 0), James P. Uihlein (Handicap = 2), Del Walton (Handicap = 3) and Joe Wayne Barry (Handicap = 3). In the blue jerseys for Hillcroft, with a team handicap of 8, are Jaymie Klauber (Handicap = -1), Agustin Arellano (Handicap = 3), Costi Caset (Handicap = 4) and James Miller (Handicap = 1).

Tune in at 1:00pm EDT for six chukkers of excitement! Commentary by sports personality David Manuel.

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