About Us

Horse Network is a digital publishing platform for horse people. Since launching in 2012 as the Horse Collaborative, we’ve quickly cultivated and connected a passionate international community of horse lovers, athletes, equine professionals, hobbyists, dreamers, and people who just think horses are cute.

This is the place to laugh, share stories, ideas, pictures and videos. This is the place to learn with the pros, get news, ask questions, and help make the horse world more connected and open.

Misdee Wrigley Miller

A fourth-generation horsewoman, Misdee Wrigley Miller is a World Equestrian Games 4-in-Hand Driving Team Gold Medalist, World Champion Saddleseat rider and American Saddlebred breeder, and an award-winning broadcast journalist. In her free time (just kidding! Misdee doesn’t have free time), she’s the majority owner of Wrigley Media Group and serves on multiple boards where she helps support the strategic growth of horse sport and expand its reach into broad-based audiences. A pivotal member of the Horse Network family since its inception in 2011, Misdee played a key role in the rapid growth of the network.

In the winter of 2018, she acquired full ownership of Horse Network, and moved it under new management as a wholly owned subsidiary of Wrigley Media Group. Misdee is married to James Miller, a polo player and fellow driver.

Carley Sparks
Editor in Chief

Carley sees the world through horse-colored lenses. They’re like rose-colored lens, but with more show jumping. Carley’s mission is simple: to make show jumping more popular than hockey, football and ice cream. Combined. She’s been hooked on horses since her first terrifying gallop through the woods at Webb’s Holiday Acres Children’s Camp at age eight. Prior to joining Horse Network in 2014, Carley was a popular blogger. When she’s not making us laugh, Carley covers new developments in training and care, amazing moments in sport, inspiring equestrian athletes and horse people, and the ridiculous and nonsensical elements that inevitably accompany all of the above. Carley lives in Toronto with her partner, daughter and son.

Kamille Barry
Director of Audience

Kamille oversees the execution of audience growth tactics—email acquisition, promotions, SEO, social media campaigns, paid advertising, etc. When not number crunching for Horse Network you’ll find her with her husband and two young boys in Alabama, doing yoga and/or trying to figure out how to sneak in a nap. kamille@horsenetwork.com

Aaron Nevins
Video Production

We have Ryan Polli to thank for bringing Aaron to Horse Network. Aaron creates video, aiming to showcase the hilarity and prestige that is the horse world. Born and raised in rural Elk Grove, CA, Aaron is an artist at heart, a love that led him to study a wide variety of art, sculpture, literature and film.  Along the way, his high school buddy Ryan coerced him into working at a horse show. His co-workers at HN are happily rounding out his horse education. Aaron reports that he finds horses to be interesting and graceful creatures, but he prefers cats. Aaron is an avid gamer and also plays hockey. aaron@horsenetwork.com

Elayne Fowler
Executive Consultant

Once at an executive retreat in Argentina, Elayne beat a New York City stock broker (and self-proclaimed “rider”) in an impromptu foot race by closing her eyes and clinging to the pommel while her (un)trusty steed bolted back to the barn. She’s exceptionally proud of that accomplishment. A true entrepreneur at heart, Elayne provides business growth strategy advice and has been instrumental in our partnership programs. From Fortune 1000 companies to start ups, lifestyle brands to globally distributed bike companies, Elayne is a wealth of knowledge in sustainable strategy, maximizing audience experience and investor ROI, empowering stakeholders and exceeding expectations. When Elayne is not in at her computer, you can find her hiking the Swiss Alps, scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and/or complicating the lives of waiters with off menu requests.

Dia Jenks
Founder (legacy)

Dia is a Vermonter who grew up idolizing Denny Emerson and was once caught by Pony Club judges crossing the river barefoot with her Connemara and later found stuck upside down in a haynet. She conceived the original vision for Horse Network that started all this. *waves hands around*