The VIP™ Half Pad is not a gel pad.

You may have mistaken it for one, because it looks like a gel pad. But one squeeze will immediately dispel any confusion.

And that’s important because the VIP Equestrian‘s VIP™ Pad isn’t just not a gel pad. It’s a proprietary viscoelastic polymer known as VEteq™ and it’s the gold standard in pressure and impact protection—the very properties half pads are designed to solve.

The VIP™ Pad is not a gel pad. It’s better. Because science.

Here’s how the VIP Pad contributes to the optimal comfort and performance of the horse:

VEteq is a medical grade polymer that has been rigorously tested worldwide in peer reviewed research and used for over 50 years to prevent and treat pressure sores and ulcers in humans. In other words: it’s been tried and tested. And tested some more. #notagelpad

VEteq does not leak or bottom out under pressure. (*cough* definitely #notagelpad.) The VEteq polymer provides cushion to the horse’s back like a low profile second skin while the Pad’s Bobbles™ surface alleviates pressure points. Plus, it’s only 8mm thick so it doesn’t alter saddle fit.

VEteq draws and disperses heat, thereby regulating temperature. #notagelpad

VEteq is hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and does not support bacterial growth. It also doesn’t stick or pull hair off the horse’s back (because it’s #notagelpad).

The VEteq polymer is used in other applications, including gun recoil pads, spaceship harnesses, by stunt actors, in football helmets, motorcycle seats, and several other sporting uses. It’s known as the universal gold standard for pressure protection in human health care. And now it’s the gold standard for horses too! #notagelpad

But don’t take our word for it. Squeeze one yourself. Order your free sample piece today!