The above photo depicts the Paris leg of the Longines Global Champion Tour/League of years past.

You can clearly see the Eiffel Tower in it. But you cannot touch the cultural landmark. You couldn’t go to the LGCT Paris and say “I’ve climbed the Eiffel Tower,” for instance.

Thankfully, that issue is being resolved in 2021.

Over five days in June (23–27), the thrilling competition that is the LGCT Paris will move to its new location of the Place Jacques Rueff, Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

So you can watch both a thrilling program of 1* and 5* show jumping featuring more than 250 horses and have a quintessentially French cultural experience at the same time. Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel, President of Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping, is calling it a “bubble of happiness.”

Which, honestly, sounds about right.

Feature photo: LGCT/Stefano Grasso