There’s a reason we buy ponies for our unborn babies and stockpile tiny show coats and jodhpur straps years before our kids ever express an interest in being paraded about in a lead line class.

Living vicariously through your children is a time tested right of passage for parents. Because the only thing better than endless summer days at the barn and long fall trail rides through the woods is sharing those things with your favorite little people.

So, if, say, you were inclined to live out your childhood dream of buying all the adorable riding clothes you wanted as a horsey crazy tween for your horse crazy tween, we’re here to enable that totally healthy and normal behavior.

Here are some of our favorite finds currently available on Equishopper.

Buy it! Horseware Rain Jacket, $57.95

Buy it! Horseware Hoodie, $49.95

Buy it! Irideon Flip Sequin Heart T-Shirt, $29.95

Buy it! Horze Sabina Cotton Terry Full Seat Riding Tights, $28.50

Buy it! Shires Two Pack Socks, $15.99

Buy it! Kelly & Co. Unicorn Barf Slime, $13.99

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