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[Livestream] Columbus International Presented By Split Rock Jumping Tour

Don’t miss a second of the new big thing in show jumping, the Split Rock Jumping Tour’s inaugural Columbus International CSI 3*. Horse Network is proud to bring you the exclusive live coverage from Brave Horse Show Park in Ohio throughout the week. Check back for frequent updates.

Andrew Ramsay for the win in the $130,000 CSI 3* Split Rock Farm 1.55m Grand Prix. Check out his winning jumpoff ride!

Christine McCrea for the win in the $10,000 1.40m Youngster Bowl. Check out her winning ride!

Alex Granato for the win in the$40,000 CSI 3* Amalaya Investments 1.50m Welcome. Check out his winning ride!

Andrew Ramsay for the win in the $35,000 CSI 3* Hollow Creek Farm 1.45m Speed Cup. Check out his winning ride!

Congrats to Alex Granato on winning the $2500 1.40 Speed Class! Check out his winning ride.


Congrats to Abigail McArdle and Cade on winning the $50,000 CSI 2* Lugano Diamonds Prix 1.45!! Check out their winning JumpOff ride.

Congrats to Andrew Bourns and Ringwood Zeboof
the $10,000 Amalaya Investments 1.35 PrixCheck out his winning jump-off round!

Congrats to Michael Hutchinson and his win of the $5,000 1.40m LV Harkness Winning Round II.2a. Check out his winning jump-off round

Congrats to Leslie Howard and her win of
the $35,000 CSI 2* Hollow Creek 1.45m Welcome. Check out her winning jump-off round


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