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The Jumpfax app is your go-to source.

Looking for aninternational horse show’s website?

Jumpfax has that.

Need a downloadable entry form?

Jumpfax has that, too.

Looking for directions to the showgrounds?

You’ll find them on Jumpfax.

Want to know the scheduled time for the FEI jog?

Jumpfax has it.

Start times for the FEI classes?

Also, listed on Jumpfax.

How about the competition and warm-up arenas?

Jumpfax even lists those features.

International horse show schedules, orders of go, and livestream links?

Again, Jumpfax.


Real-time results?


Emergency numbers for the show vet and farrier?


Free grants to fund your next Grand Prix horse?

Not Jumpfax. (Ask your dad?)

Will Jumpfax make my horse jump higher?

No, but you can plan your season, get all the schedules, start lists and results of show jumping all over the world. Bonus: You have easy access to all key info and contacts for each show. Enough said.

Are you a show organizer? Take the reins on your show’s profile page. It’ll increase your visibility and your rider’s will love you (and is totally free). Contact the Jumpfax team for more details at hello@jumpfax.com. Trust us, they are sweet as apple pie.  

You have international horse show organization and management questions. Jumpfax has the answers! It’s like the having a hyper-organized secretary at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (Without all the overhead costs). Or go premium for full access and services for about $10/month.

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