Ever find yourself in a situation that makes you wonder if stuff like this only happens to you?

That frozen in your tracks, heart-dropping “OMG” moment when you realize your leopard-print underwear is showing through your white breeches or that you’ve been wearing your shirt buttoned wrong and/or inside out all day. Yeah, we’ve all been there. (Or near there.)

Today, we celebrate real life #equestrianfashionfails! Like that video of models falling down in heels on the runway, you’re free to laugh at our expense.

‘Till Next Time!

Chiara and Ariana Zuccolotto

About the Authors

Chiara & Ariana Zuccolotto are the fashion mavens behind Zuccolotto Designs, a luxury crossover brand founded on a love of both fashion and equestrian lifestyle. Follow their fashion exploits on Facebook!