Of all the wonderful breeds on parade at this week’s Equine Affaire in Ohio, few can draw a crowd like the Gypsy Vanner.

Hailing from the British Isles and into our hearts, the Gypsy Vanner is a relative newcomer to the horse world. Small in stature but big on hair, these sweet-tempered feathered beauties have become increasingly in demand throughout Europe and North America. While originally bred to pull the roaming caravans of the Romany Gypsies, the breed is quite versatile and up to most any task.

Gypsy Vanners are kind, keen and consummately cool. See for yourself:

Many more breeds will be on display at throughout the weekend at the Equine Affaire, like Paso Finos, Friesians, Clydesdales, Rocky Mountain Horses and Missouri Fox Trotters, just to name a few.

If horses are your thing and you’re within a few hours drive of Columbus (and who isn’t), don’t miss this opportunity to experience equestrian overload.

But wait, there’s more!