Who says Royal Ascot racecourse, the famed hangout of England’s upper crust, hasn’t got a sense of humor? The have—at least for the holiday season!

The cheeky team has unveiled special “his and hers” Christmas blankets for the Shetland ponies Daffy and his new lady-friend, Daphne, in a short film meant to promote Christmas Racing Weekend, a festive event held at Ascot last weekend.

“Daffy was getting a bit lonely in his stables so it’s lovely that Ascot has helped me find him a new companion and made them matching Christmas outfits,” says Daffy’s owner Jackie Rowberry, an animal trainer at TV and film company Animal Dramatics.

“Daffy and Daphne will enjoy a lovely Christmas together and I couldn’t be happier for them,” she added.

Daffy first found fame back in 2015, when a video of him donning a warm holiday “foursie” courtesy of Ascot racecourse went viral.

Happy Christmas Dafffy and Daphne, you adorable duo!

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